Antonio Vargas says 
“Con mucho gusto puedo asegurar que el talento y arte flamenco de Andrés Peña, ha ganado su sitio entre los grandes del flamenco de nuestro día. Este artista desde los primeros años pego un salto adelante con una madurez y originalidad, creando un estilo muy personal y potente. En cualquier país que dirija sus cursillos, él es capaz de inspirar a todos sus discípulos.Como bailaor su presencia y pureza dentro de su arte, es un ejemplarizo para la nueva generación del flamenco. Ole Andrés!!!”

“With great pleasure, I can assure you that the talent and flamenco art of Andrés Peña has earned him a place amongst the great flamenco artists of our day. Since this artist’s early beginnings he has leaped forward with maturity and originality, creating a very strong and personal style. In every country where he has given workshops he has the capability of inspiring all of his students. As a bailaor, his presence and purity of artistry, has been exemplary for the new flamenco generation. ¡Ole Andrés!”

About Antonio: Antonio Vargas is recognized as one of the world’s leading Flamenco dancers and choreographers. Ingenious, innovative and a perfectionist, he performs and teaches internationally, with works for theatre, cinema and television. He is well known in Australia for his role in Baz Lurmahn’s dance movie ‘Strictly Ballroom’ and also ‘Mission Impossible II’.


Diana Reyes says 
“I had the pleasure of working with Andres Peña when I invited him to Australia to perform with my company, Diana Reyes Flamenco. He is a very strong and charismatic flamenco dancer and it was a great opportunity to have him in my company and perform alongside him. He is not only a great dancer and choreographer but an excellent teacher of flamenco dance. I thoroughly recommend his workshop to all flamenco students in Australia.”

About Diana: Diana Reyes studied flamenco dance in Madrid and performed in Spain and Europe in ‘tablao flamenco’ and theatre before returning to Australia to establish her own company, Diana Reyes Flamenco, in 1991. The company has produced successful programs of flamenco dance in Australia showcasing her powerful dance style and original choreography. A highlight of these productions has been the collaboration between Diana and guest dancers, singers and guitarists from Spain creating an exciting fusion of flamenco styles.


Maria Bermúdez says 

“Andres Peña, as we all know, is an amazing dancer and choreographer, but he is also an impeccable teacher! He gives of himself and his knowledge to the student with such warmth and true commitment that those who study with him come away with information, technique, style and material that is useful and inspirational. I truly hope you take the opportunity to study with Andres it will be worth every drop of sweat!”

About Maria: One of the most versatile flamenco artists in world music and dance today and as the founder and artistic director of the flamenco group Sonidos Gitanos, Maria Bermudez has exposed audiences across the world to the unique flamenco sound and style of Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, the city Maria has called home for many years.


Simone Pope says 

Australian flamencos should feel incredibly privileged to have Andres Peña come to Australia to share his skills, art and knowledge of Flamenco.

Andres teaches and dances in a pure Flamenco style, inspired by the cante (and he often sings in a class – bliss!! – you learn so much about the cante!). No frills or bells and whistles, just Flamenco Puro. Often just himself, a guitarist and a singer on stage, he embodies all the things I love about Flamenco – art, wit, style, humour, emotion….. After studying with so many teachers I find myself constantly returning to his teaching and choreographies for my own inspiration. In his classes and workshops he combines a strong work ethic and solid technique with a hint of cheekiness and humour, and a lot of ‘feel’.”

I cannot recommend this wonderful artist enough, don’t miss this outstanding opportunity!

About Simone:
Simone has become an established and accomplished Flamenco dance artist both in Brisbane and throughout Australia. Guided by some of Spain’s finest dancers, including Belén Fernandez, Pili Ogalla, Mercedes Ruiz, Andres Peña, La Truco, Maria Juncal, Isabel Bayon, La China, La Tati, Ciro, and Manuel Reyes, Simone returns to Spain every year to immerse herself in the latest technical and artistic directions of Flamenco. Simone has performed with Flamenco Fire on tours throughout both Queensland and Australia and is also a member of acclaimed Brisbane-based group The Saruzu Quartet. Simone has been teaching flamenco dance since 1997 and in 2000 established The Flamenco Studio dedicating herself full time to studying, teaching and performing flamenco dance.


Pepa Molina says
“I have had the pleasure of working together with Andres on a daily basis for six months at the legendary tablao “El Flamenco” Osaka, Japan back in 1999-2000. He is a wonderfull dancer, teacher, professional and a pleasure to work with.”
About Pepa: Pepa Molina is an internationally recognised and critically acclaimed flamenco dancer who has performed in some of the most renowned National and International music and dance festivals, and flamenco tablaos. In 2004 she formed her own dance company “Compañía Pepa Molina”. Pepa has also performed in companies such as Manolete’s dance company, with Eva “La Yerbabuena”, and with Manolo Marín as guest choreographer.

Ana Otero says
Estimados flamencos….I have had the honour of performing with Andres Peña here in Australia a few years back and I must say I am ecstatic that he is gracing our shores. He is an incredible dancer, earthy, full of arte and duende. His style is addictive…creative…and very flamenco! This is all because the person he is oozes out in his dance….pure…genuine…unique. If there is one thing you must do this year this has to take priority, don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity….hasta pronto!
About Ana: From a very young age Ana has danced Flamenco and has been an important advocate of Flamenco in Australia for many years. After initially studying and performing in Antonio Vargas Flamenco Dance Theatre, she continued her full-time studies in Spain with artists including Carmen Cortes, Paco Romero, El Güito, Manolete, Maria Magdalena and Ciro among others. Ana has taught all over Australia giving workshops and advanced master classes in Perth, Adelaide Melbourne and Sydney and has delighted audiences nationwide with her enthralling performances.

Yaelisa Caminos says:
Andres Peña is a very fine artist and teacher, from the land of Bulerias in Jerez. He worked with me in my Company, Yaelisa Caminos Flamencos, and as a guest in the New World Flamenco Festival on several projects, including with his own company. He is a consummate professional, with a very funky, tasty style that is very Jerez-Cadiz. I absolutely love working with him, and students would be fortunate to study with him!

About Yaelisa: During the past twelve years, Yaelisa Caminos has spent extensive periods of time living and performing in Spain, presenting her choreography there and in the U.S.. Her choreographies have been commissoned by several modern dance companies, including John Malashock & Company, Rose Polsky and Collage Dance Theatre.


Maestra Juana Amaya says


When did you first work with Andrés Peña?
When Andres won the Young Artist Competition at the 2000 Bienal of Seville I was on the judging panel at the time and I voted for him and it just so happened that it was the first time I’d seem him perform. After that I invited him to take part in my production ‘Juana Amaya’, along with others artists such as Rafael Campallo and Juana la del Pipa.

What is your opinion of Andres as a teacher?
He is a good person with many years of experience. Those two things are important to be a good teacher.

What do you think of Andres as a dancer?
In my opinion Andres is now part of the new generation of exceptionally good young dancers but with a good-natured personality which only enhances his form of expression on the stage.

Why do you recommend flamenco students take Andres’ workshops?
He is very natural down to earth person with vision of flamenco that’s very pure, very flamenco. Also, when somebody like Andres travels overseas to teach flamenco it’s a unique opportunity for everyone who can’t come to Spain to study. It’s a grand opportunity that one should not miss.

About Juana Amaya: Born in Moron de la Frontera, Juana Amaya is from a gypsy flamenco dynasty that includes Francisca Amaya Amaya, guitar legend Paco del Gastor, and the illustrious dancers Ramon and Jairo Barull. Debuting as a soloist at the second Bienal of Sevilla at 16 years of age, she quickly became primera bailaora in Mario Maya’s company in 1983. Over the years, Juana has become a reference point within the gypsy flamenco baile style, and has travelled the world with her own productions to much acclaim and prestige.

Roshanne Wijeyeratne says:

I have trained with Andrés for months at a time for many years. He has a calm and professional manner and notices EVERY person in his class. He is so friendly and cares so much for his students. He is sensitive to his students’ feelings, attentive to ALL students, and gives each dancer very useful corrections. He has mind-blowing footwork choreography and very sharp and funky upper body work.

I love Andrés for his skills, dedication and heart… and for the amazing energy that is created from the moment he walks in to begin class til the moment the class are applauding at the end… and you will wish it did not have to end.

People pay thousands of dollars to travel from all over the world and train with Andrés. They follow him from city to city taking his classes. He trains some of the most impressive and accomplished dancers in Spain (company dancers and soloists), and he is so humble about his success: always pushing himself in class and the dancers around him. You would be missing out on a great educational experience if you miss learning with Andrés Peña.

The material is simple, very useable and super cool… He focuses on improvisation and sings a great variety of letras in class. He focuses on how to LISTEN to the cante like no other teachers I’ve ever had, and it is an invaluable education for anyone who wants to learn to improvise and be able to dance fiesta confidently. It’s not just about steps. It’s about listening and learning how to use the steps given.

About Roshanne: Roshanne is the director of Alma Flamenca, an Adelaide flamenco dance studio, and co-founding member of Velada Flamenco Performance Company.


Ana Morales says:

I’ve had the opportunity to have Andres by my side, not only as a fellow colleague of the profession, but also as a dear friend. I can attest that he is an authentic person, a traditional bailaor who is personal, elegant, someone who represents very well the baile of Jerez, without losing his freshness for contemporary flamenco. Also I would point out that when Andres is on the stage, he is transparent and honest when he dances, which is priceless when you see someone with so much experience and ability perform. He has the special don of a teacher as well, and in my opinion students should get the chance to experience his way of transmitting the essence of flamenco.

About Ana Morales
Ana Morales (Barcelona, 1982) started her studies in the conservatory of Barcelona. At the age of 16 she formed part of the Andalucian Flamenco Company on scholarship and worked around the globe with the Company for several years. She began her solo career after winning the prestigious 2009 Desplante of International Festival of Cante de las Minas. After that important recognition her career really took off and she debuted with her own productions in the in 2010 Festival de Jerez and Bienal de Sevilla with ‘De sandalia a tacón’, and then again the 2012 Bienal de Sevilla with ‘Reciclate’.

Farida Rabih says 
“I attended classes everyday for a month with Andres in September 2012 and thoroughly enjoyed his teaching. He creates fabulous choreography, has a lovely teaching style and a good sense of humour. He’s a world class performer who is able to give his students a deeper understanding of the dance with the song. I was blown away by the fact that he sings throughout the whole lesson and found it inspiring and uplifting.
Thank you Andres!”

About Farida: Farida Rabih is the director of the Casa del Compás School of Spanish Dance in Perth, and has over 25 years’ experience as a teacher, performer and choreographer of the various styles of Spanish dance, including Classical Spanish Dance, Regional and Flamenco.


Francesca Grima says
Andres Peña is contagious and very charming, an absolute pleasure to attend his classes, one of my favorite teachers here in Seville! He is a real Jerezano flamenco maestro and an inspiring dancer to watch and learn from. I fully recommend his teaching and his ability to inspire and transmit!

About Francesca: Principal dancer with Sevilla-based company, ‘Puerto Flamenco’, Francesca Grima ‘La Chica’ has performed at famous flamenco tablaos in Seville, including La Arenal, and appeared as a soloist in international productions at the 2006 Bienal de Flamenco in Seville. For the past 6 years she has performed at many festivals in Ireland, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Australia and Luxembourg. In November she performs with Puerto Flamenco in New Caledonia and New Zealand.



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