SYDNEY 15,16,17,18 Oct

Maestro Andres Peña will deliver flamenco dance workshops over four days at Elementary level, Upper Intermediate-Advanced level and Basic-Intermediate Bulerias de Jerez.

Elementary Level for Tangos: total of 4 hours teaching time for a workshop fee of AUD$190. The level is appropriate for beginners with a basic foundation in Flamenco with a low to moderate dance level and basic knowledge of the style (palo) that will be taught.

Basic-Intermediate Level for Bulerias de Jerez: total of 7 hours teaching time for a workshop fee of AUD $335. The level will be appropriate for ALL (Elementary to Advanced) students wanting to learn how to dance improvised buleria pataitas (‘small steps’ for remate, llamada and colatilla) on demand at a fin de fiesta. Maestro Peña will sing bulerias in accompaniment.

Upper Intermediate-Advanced Level for Siguiriya: total of 7 hours teaching time for workshop fee of AUD $335. For experienced dancers, with a strong dance level, seeking to deepen their work in technique, choreography and expression.


Thursday 15 & Friday 16 October 2015
6:30pm-8:00pm (Bas-Int) Bulerias de Jerez
8:00pm- 9:30pm (Int-Adv) Siguiriya

Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 October 2015
11:00am- 1:00pm (Ele) Tangos
1:15pm-3:15pm (Bas-Int) Bulerias de Jerez
3:30pm-5:30pm (Int-Adv) Siguiriya


The fee is set for the total hours for workshops at the relevant level. See the FAQ page re partial registrations and fees.

Reduce your fees by registering early and taking more than one workshop.

Early Bird Discount
The Early Bird Reduction offered up until September 24th will reduce the workshop fee to:

  • $170 for the Elementary Level
  • $301 for the Bulerias de Jerez Level
  • $301 for the Advanced Level

Multiple Level Discount
A Multiple Class Discount is applied when a student registers for more than one workshop.

2 Level Discount before September 24th
Level Elementary & Bulerias de Jerez = $426
Level Bulerias de Jerez & Advanced = $542

2 Level Discount after September 24th
Level Elementary & Bulerias de Jerez = $473
Level Bulerias de Jerez & Advanced = $602

3 Level Discount before September 24th
Level Elementary & Bulerias de Jerez & Advanced = $616

3 Level Discount after September 24th
Level Elementary & Bulerias de Jerez & Advanced = $684

*Advanced dancers taking the three levels should be aware in advance that Andres will teach to the relevant level, not to theirs.*

Observer fee per class is $10. A limited number will be possible. Please advise Jessica in advance if you wish to observe.

Preferred payment method is electronic bank transfer (no charge to you or us).

Pay to:
Jessica Statham
St George Bank
BSB 112-879  Account Number 494119449

Please include your full name, and a note on which workshop(s) you are paying for. When you have done the transfer please email Jessica with the same details so she can match payment with student.

Assuming there is availability you will receive a confirmation within three business days of the money being receipted that you have a confirmed place in the workshop.

In the unlikely event that Andres Peña is unable to teach any or all of the scheduled classes the fees will be refunded on a pro rata basis, that is if Andres cannot teach any classes a full refund will be given and if he can only teach a portion the refund applied will be proportional to the hours taught.

Should you register and pay for a workshop but the workshop already have been filled your fee will be refunded in full within three business days as long as you provide Jessica with your bank account details.

This workshop series has been costed on a break even basis therefore no refunds can be give for non-attendance by a student for any reason.

Audio recordings only are permitted in class. If students wish to video record themselves dancing they may do so  at the end of the workshop,but not Maestro Peña. No videos to be made public please.


Dance Central,268 Cleveland St, Surry Hills, Sydney

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