Maestro Andres Peña


Born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1976, Andrés Peña Morón took his first dance steps when he was ten years old. His professional training began in Jerez with Angelita Gomez and Fernando Belmonte. He then broadened his career in various companies directed by among others Manuel Morao, La Chunga, Carmen Cortes, Juana Amaya and Eva Yerbabuena.

In 2000, Andrés Peña received the Best Young Dancer award at the XI Bienal de Flamenco in Seville. He has collaborated with many leading guitarists, such as José Luis Montón, Pepe Justicia, Juan Carlos Romero, and also with legendary singers such as Duquende and Miguel Poveda (‘Sin Frontera’).

Andrés previously visited Sydney, Australia as a young dancer, collaborating with Antonio Vargas and Diana Reyes.

During his long international career he has taken flamenco productions to the US, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Lebanon, Italy, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Turkey, Poland, France, Germany, Greece and Japan. In addition to performance Andres is recognised as an outstanding teacher internationally, making regular teaching contributions in national and international Flamenco schools.

Andrés has become one Seville’s most revered teachers, based in Manuel Betanzo’s Academy in Triana. His classes are some of the most popular and sought after by visiting and locally-based dancers due to his personal teaching style, his musicality and exceptional choreography.

Now one of the most respected and recognized artists in Flamenco today, Andrés formed his own company along with his wife, the dancer Pilar Ogalla. Together they light up the stage at International Festivals such as the Festival de Jerez, the Bienal de Sevilla and other international events. Their critically acclaimed works include ‘Peña’, ‘Fuego Lento’, ‘Cadiz de la Frontera’, ‘Callejon de Asta’, ‘El Aire Que Me Lleva’ and the 2012 collaborative show ‘¡Viva Jerez!’.

During the 2014 Jerez Flamenco Festival, Andres was awarded the coveted prize of best show for his solo performance production ‘Órdago a la grande’




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