1) How do I get more information about these events?

Please write us a comment on the relevant blog page and we will respond.

You can also join our Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/471360779602485/

Email with your personal queries

  1. SYDNEY Jessica Statham at  jessica@jessicastathamdance.com.au
  2. PERTH Farida Rabih at faridance@bigpond.com
  3. ADELAIDE Sebastian Sanchez at sebaz_au@hotmail.com

2) How can I register for the workshop(s)

Send your request for the relevant workshop(s) noting which city and workshops you wish to apply for to the relevant city contact that you wish to attend

SYDNEY Jessica Statham at  jessica@jessicastathamdance.com.au

PERTH Farida Rabih at faridance@bigpond.com

ADELAIDE Sebastian Sanchez at sebaz_au@hotmail.com

with your name and email contact. Registration is not finalised until the full workshop fee has been received by the relevant city contact.

Payment is by bank transfer (Sydney/Perth/Adelaide)

To pay by bank transfer or credit/debit card please see the relevant city for the banking details under section ‘How to Pay‘:

Remember to note in the transaction which workshops you are paying for and any earlybird or discounts you are eligible for. When you have done the transfer please email the relevant city representative with your details including your full name so that they can match you with the payment.

You will receive email confirmation within three business of receiving the payment.

3) Can I register for part of the course?

Yes, under the following guidelines:

1) No partial registrations will be accepted until after the Earlybird Registration closes

  • Perth & Sydney: September 24th.
  • Adelaide: October 5th

2) Fees will be calculated based on the full fee on a pro rata basis, e.g. if you take half the classes you pay half the fees.
3) Andres will not reteach material previously taught in class. It would be unfair to students who have enrolled for the full workshop. Students will have to pick up from when they start.

4) How do I know which level is right for me?

Please read the level descriptions carefully described in each city for reference. If still unsure, ask your teacher to provide a suggestion or email the coordinators directly to give you some reference.

5) Can I video the workshop?

Video during the workshop is prohibited as is the custom in the majority of schools in Spain due to lack of control. Video of students will be permitted on the last day of the workshop, but without Andres dancing. He will be singing which is always great to have. We encourage people to make as many audio recordings instead throughout the whole workshop and record themselves after each day to keep things fresh. We kindly you ask to respect the teacher’s wishes.

6) I am out of town, how do I get accommodation?

There will be plenty of budget accommodation near the workshop studios if you book early and we also encourage people to use the facebook site to find a host to have you stay for free or a small fee. With such a long lead time for this event we encourage you to communicate with the relevant city coordinator about accommodation options. Don’t let this be a reason not to come!

7) Cancellations: In the unlikely event that Andres Peña is unable to teach any or all of the scheduled classes the fees will be refunded on a pro rata basis, that is if Andres cannot teach any classes a full refund will be given and if he can only teach a portion the refund applied will be proportional to the hours taught.

Should you register and pay for a workshop but the workshop already have been filled your fee will be refunded in full within three business days as long as you provide your bank account details.

This workshop series has been costed on a break even basis therefore no refunds can be give for non-attendance by a student for any reason.

We recommend you take out travel insurance if travelling to a city for workshops so that you are covered in the event of delays/cancellations/sickness as per your policy.

8) Different cities different prices?
Some levels are longer in duration, and there has been an increase of value in the euro since last year. Unlike last year, this years project is undertaken by 3 brave individuals in 3 different cities. Each city has different circumstances therefore different expenses and risks to tackle in order to bring an international artist of the caliber of Andres to our shores. Thank you for your understanding.

Andres Peña Facebook Group


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