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In his own words…Andrés Peña

22 Oct

Photo by Fabio Trippa Gufo

Hola my Flamencos!!!

I’m here in my home in Jerez with my daughter Martina and Pilar, and now that the jet lag is wearing off, and I’m finally regrouping from the long trip, I can now, with great joy, take a break to write these words.

This is my third workshop tour of your country with the direction of Sebastian Sanchez. He, along with Sharon Tickle, were the ones who invested in my baile and my classes to take me into your hearts.And for that I’d like to say to the two, that they have made my dreams come true of returning to Australia after so many years of absence.


Photo by Stuart Cohen

To my Sebastian, I have to thank him for being the person that he is, his passion and good organization. I missed you on this tour. Everything turned out well, but when I turned to my side…you weren’t there with your scruffy hair and your peculiar way of translating!!!

Also Farida, Roshanne, and Jessica, 3 dancers in love with flamenco and beautiful people who have shown and demonstrated to me with their commitment and devotion to the flamenco communities in each city. They have my admiration and respect.

I can’t forget Simone who was present in my first tour and she has demonstrated to me her passion for flamenco and the want for her students to see truth.

When I look back, I see and feel all the emotions that have left a mark on my soul, I feel so proud of each and every student that has come through my classes in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

I think that apart from the satisfaction that you give to me as a teacher is that you make me a better person….and I am sincerely thankful. It’s so beautiful what you have given me and I feel so fortunate.

I am convinced and I know that destiny will bring us back together again. I am happy to have this sensation for a long time now.

I needed to tell you all this and if I forgot to mention more names please forgive me!

I send everyone a big heartfelt hug to you all and especially to you Sebastian, oh my god!!!!

Thank you Australia!

Andrés Peña


Photo by Fabio Trippa Gufo


Photo by Fabio Trippa Gufo


Photo by Stuart Cohen


Photo by Stuart Cohen


Photo by Stuart Cohen


Photo by Stuart Cohen

More Photos by Stuart Cohen

More Photos by Fabio Trippa Gufo (Fabiography)


Gracias Sydney…and that’s a Wrap!

21 Oct
Hola Flamenc@s!
AjOEBoexQ9izXZQmOHd817Nuem9aUld2qZzhZDptwnzMHere in Moscow things are cooling down here to sub zero levels, but i have been really feeling the warmth seeing the updates on Andres’s travels. It’s been fantastic to read the comments and see the photos that everybody has left on social media regarding Andres’s last stop on his national tour in Sydney. I’m super glad to see how people have responded and to read how inspired they are and the look of bliss on their faces..I so wish I was there!
Andres has safely arrived in Jerez and he has personally asked me to thank all the students who came, the people you came to observe, the helpers in the various cities and the organizers (Jessica, Farida and Me) for making the tour another great experience for him.And he really hopes that in his next tour (who knows ;))
Before we get into the Sydney leg…just wanted to say that this time remotely organising things over long distance hasnt been easy but it’s been a lot easier with  Farida (Perth), my co hosts and helpers in Adelaide (Emma Susi and Rosh) and Jessica (Sydney)…super thankful guys!
But 3 tours so far and again we tried our hardest to successfully bring the Australian Flamenco Community a major flamenco artist like Andres who has consistently given top quality workshops. Andres has really lifted the level in Australia and has added extra wisdom whether it was through his approach to listening to cante and baile, his authentic choreography, his relaxed teaching style and his all famous Buleria’s classes….which have really lifted the veil of uncertainty on the improvised “pataita” for a lot of students in Australia from beginners to the experienced professionals.
That’s all for me for now! Thank you again and again!
Now about the Sydney leg! Take it away!
Jessica Statham says
What an awesome week of workshops with Andres Peña and a fantastic way to finish off his Australian tour this 2015-10-18 13.04.55year!! Firstly a huge thank you to co-organisers Sebastian Sanchez and Farida Rabih, I hope all who attended in Adelaide and Perth had as great a time as we did here in Sydney. Next a massive thank you to mi Chachy!! Without your support it wouldn’t be possible for me to put this on, te agradezco y te quiero mujer!!! Also to Damian Wright and Kieran Sawyer for playing for the workshops, you guys rock! Can’t forget Lisa Jane Baker and Shar Mitchell from Dance Central Sydney for letting us hold it at their studios and being so amazingly supportive (special thanks again to you Lisa, you know why…)  & last but in no way least a massive thank you and ole to everyone who came along for bringing so much energy and working so hard to make it such a success!! Andres left Australia on such a high note and it’s all because of you. Until next year!!
Emma Somyden Davey also says:
2015-10-18 13.04.55Andres Pena, the bulerias-whisperer!! It’s a palo that I’ve never enjoyed because it always felt like a cultural door, firmly closed. He’s opened my ears and my heart to it and for the first time EVER I bloody loved smashing out a solo in the fiesta circle.  I’ve had a mental block with it for years and it’s his teaching – patient and challenging by turn, and in all the right places – that really unlocked something for me.  The tangos was a cheeky sweatfest of my favourite kind, of course. And kudos to the gutsy chicas who did the Siguiryas with the pro gals… Chachy and Jess, you are badass and beautiful and that choreo and your individual expression of it brought me to tears, as did Andres’ cante. THANK YOU to the organisers. Up there with Maria as one of the best teachers to have come to us. Bring him back soon.
12095024_10153565223735465_2330311066648015149_oAiQ8Vmy2WNYEgBswqcoY49CRnkdsdIoer4a4xNaXeKeL 2015-10-18 17.41.44

3 Magical nights in Adelaide…NOW SYDNEY!

15 Oct

AlyWJq2hczOoTTO8el6S_AMkjmZS4JdG4GdGBBCpAcmWHola Flamenc@s

3 nights in Adelaide was enough for Andres to put his special touch to a city that has been indulged with some of the best artists in flamenco today within the same year.

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Susi and Emma from Studio Flamenco and Rosh from Alma Flamenca for hosting Andres in your studios, and for helping me out with the daily tasks of making the workshop possible in my absence! To Sharon Tickle for entertaining Andres during the day…remember it was her initial efforts that helped Australia get in touch with Andres…and for that I’m forever grateful. And also I can’t forget Farida Rabih from Perth and Jessica Statham for also making this tour possible…with a strong collective of committed individuals we couldn’t make it this far…and above all else TO ALL THOSE WHO CAME to Adelaide! You guys are awesome! )))12095057_10152967802441065_3548966943603675214_o

Since I was stuck in Russia some of the students were able to share their thoughts and photos with us, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Tomorrow is the final leg in Sydney which is has to be the unmissable flamenco event in Sydney this year…I hope as many people can go! Before I start sharing the people’s thoughts…it’s NOT TOO LATE TO REGISTER IN SYDNEY contact Jessica Statham asap ( I hope the following words will help convince you learn from the master…if you haven’t decided yet!

Full Details are here!

Take it away!

Sharon Tickle says

image2Once again I marvel at the inventiveness of Andres as a choreographer and the level of commitment he brings to his teaching. Whether you’re a beginner or professional Andres will give you tools and dance confidence to carry with you for life.”

Roshanne says

“Andres Pena fills the dance studio with a cool, calm ambience. I challenge you to not smile in his classes. He is extremely intuitive, friendly and lots of fun. He expects the best you can do but always allows each student the time they need to approach and integrate the material. Why do I keep returning to Andres Peña’s classes? Because he inspires me to D.A.N.C.E… not just to learn choreography, but to dance with full enjoyment, no matter the Palo.

As for the choreographies, they are second to none… Creative. Diverse. Dynamic. He delivers material at a level that is cleverly constructed to suit the class and this provides everyone with valuable material and instruction. The choreographies he teaches are the choreographies that he himself performs. Cool stuff for sure!Ao-n1ukVPTIfsz_D7MToqcC35BPIzGF7MlcYhhD8ng6Y

Andres can dance sharp and hit you hard straight to the core, but in general his style is relaxed, Andres Pena fills the dance studio with a cool and calm ambiance. I challenge you to not smile in his classes. He is extremely intuitive, friendly and lots of fun. He expects the best you can do but always allows each student the time they need to approach and integrate the material. Why do I keep returning to Andres Peña’s classes? Because he inspires me to D.A.N.C.E… not just to learn choreography, but to dance with full enjoyment, no matter the Palo.

As for the choreographies, they are second to none… Creative. Diverse. Dynamic. He delivers material at a level that is cleverly constructed to suit the class and provides everyone with valuable material and instruction. The choreographies he teaches are the choreographies he himself performs.12079852_10152967802961065_1635839099087340271_o

Andres’ style is relaxed and fluid. He provides an environment where you can be that way too. Most importantly he is sensitive to each students needs, challenging them and nurturing their development wherever needed.

Adelaide’s workshops have been incredible. Level bajo got through a super cool llamada and full letra de cantiñas con coletilla.

The Polo is a gorgeous, dynamic choreography with cool and challenging rhythms and body movements. Nothing like what I’ve done before with Andres… and I’ve learnt with him for years.

The Tientos … fully challenged… my whole body is sore… pushed to my max… loving every moment.

… and I haven’t even mentioned his amazing singing and attention to theory… Don’t miss out all that Andres has to offer

Susi says

Ok so if you like learning from someone who has brilliant choreography, sings beautifully, is an amazing dancer, has THE best turns i reckon… And is a really nice person who puts you at ease so you can dance your best … I think you will like Andres Pena ! It’s amazing how you can get through 4 hours straight without really noticing your feet are sore (well, except for the last 10 minutes) when someone is so inspiring and motivating.

I won’t repeat what Rosh said but it i agree with all of it!

Thanks so much Sebastian for organising this tour and Andres for coming again and have fun Sydney!


Perth Day 1 and so it begins :)

9 Oct

Andres 2015Hola Flamenc@s!

Andres has finally arrived in Perth after the long trip from Spain and has already started teaching in WA. Farida has gladly given some insights on the first day.

Farida says “Andres has started off beautifully y con mucha energia! Since his arrival in Perth he has been animated and playful but at the same time demanding in his special way: direct & yet gentle.

All the students have finished day one of classes with joy, along with expectation of working hard to achieve the goals that this superb maestro has set for us.

Within the first few  minutes of class, I realize how much I have missed his teaching and choreography. Only three more days to soak it all up!” Pics from the Advanced Farruca

3 more days of workshops, feel free to come and observe or register people 🙂



photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Just 3 days to go! Monday 5th October ADELAIDE EARLY BIRD:)

2 Oct

afg_img_rsz (1)Hola Flamenc@s!

It’s just 3 days (Oct 5th) before the early bird date finishes in Adelaide and also only a matter of days before Andres Peña (Acclaimed Teacher, Winner of the 2000 Young Artist Award at the Biennale of Sevilla, and the 2014 Festival de Jerez) will be arriving in Oz to fill our hearts, minds and souls with his awesome presence, his warm teaching style, his puro flamenco and his cante!

There are still places left in Perth and Sydney for those who want to join.wall_big_pe_a

As mentioned Monday October 5th is the Adelaide early bird cut-off date and for just $160 to learn from one of the best flamenco teachers/performers in the world…it’s a BARGAIN!!! So if you need extra information don’t forget to look at the Adelaide Page of the blog for the full details.

Below is a schedule and palos selected


The palos in question are

Elementary: Cantiñas

Intermediate: Caña

Advanced: Tientos

studio flamenco14Also I would like to thank Studio Flamenco and Alma Flamenca for providing their studios to have the workshop! It’s much appreciated! Monday and Wednesday’s Class will be held in Studios Flamenco Hall (Rear Hall of The Church of the Trinity)
318 Goodwood Rd, Clarence Park

AF logoAnd Tuesdays Class will be held in Alma Flamencas studio, Cinnabar Red Dance Collective 25 Fifth St, Bowden

So not long guys! Don’t let this opportunity pass this by!

el agua logoAnd don’t forget Sally from El Agua will be there to showcase her awesome flamenco wear!
Hasta pronto


7 Questions with Andres, Dont miss Early Bird Syd/Per!

23 Sep

Hola Flamen@s!

Before I go into the interview, the THURSDAY 24th September is the last day of the early bird special if you’re attending Sydney or Perth!

Adelaide is October 5th for Early Bird

Check the following pages for the relevant info (inc prices) and contact details for Jessica (Syd) and Farida (Per)

Perth info:

Sydney Info:

Anyway, Andres was kind enough to answer a few questions while he’s on tour in Vancouver, Canada. We hope you enjoy some extra insight on one of the world’s most respected bailaores and help you make a decision to attend or just observe…don’t miss out guys!

Question 1) How would you describe your last visit to Australia?


Andres fishing in Fremantle Dec 2014

I have only very good and beautiful memories from my last visit to Australia. I really felt that the students
in Perth and Adelaide were eagerly awaiting my return. In both cities I felt a lot of warmth from the students which I appreciated. On the other side of the country, I returned to 2 cities that I loved and enjoyed in the past when I first visited in 1995. I was so eager to return to see old friends that I made 20 years ago like Zea, Diana, Ana, Johnny, Richard and also see how those cities have changed in the last 2 decades. Generally speaking, I still remember with great fondness and remember the sensations that I felt during the classes in all the cities and the moments I shared with everyone who was able to meet and hang out with. It was awesome! And I even went fishing! Ole!

Question 2) What are your plans for the rest of the year?


Cadiz de la Frontera, Fin de Fiesta

At the moment I’m doing this interview from my hotel room in Vancouver. Pilar and I just performed and now we are running a series of workshops. (see Review “Cadiz de la Frontera Captures Full Spectrum Feeling“) In October, as you know, I’m doing my tour of Australia. After my Australian tour, I’m going to go be with Pilar and Martina in Turin (Italy) for some vacation time and more workshops.

In November and December I’ll be doing an important tour of Mexico (see tour info) with a lot artists where I will be performing and running classes too.  In between cities, I’m going to be working on a new show…shhhhhhh

Question 3. Ah I see! Do you having anything planned for the Festival de Jerez in Feb/Mar 2016?


Festival de Jerez Info

At the moment I’m negotiating a date for the new show, at the end of October I should have it all confirmed. But I can’t say anymore….you’ll see!

Question 4.Who on the current flamenco scene are you following intently?


Paco de Lucia

To tell you the truth that’s a tough one, because I’m following just about everybody. I like artists who perform or play with a lot of heart and soul, who are able to transmit authenticity rather than just have perfect technique. I know that sounds like the normal thing to say but if I do have to name names, I can’t go past the great Paco de Lucia, who’s been a fountain of inspiration for me.


Edith Piaf

Question 5) Well what other artists outside of Flamenco do you admire or inspire you?

I really like to listen to a lot of soul, blues, jazz, boleros. Edith Piaf, Amalia Rodrigues, Chavela Vargas. I like to listen to music that relaxes and transports me to other places in my creative mind, it inspires me a lot.

Question 6) How is it going being Martina’s Dad? She’s more than 1 year old right?


Andres & Martina Summer 2015

Becoming a dad is the most beautiful thing that has happened in my life. When Martina was born, it was a blessing but the change was hard, but I’d do it a thousand times. I’m super happy and you could say I’m totally heartstruck with my daughter.

Question 7) Do you have a funny habit or special ritual before going out on stage?

Nothing strange, nothing weird or superstitious.


Ordago a lo Grande Winner of the 2015 Festival de Jerez, Best Show

I just need 30 minutes to be on my own, to breathe slowly and look inside my soul. I think about the people who are no longer with us but who are still very present in my memory. I do that so I can dance with emotion and it’s an important motivation for me to dance with honesty and truth.


Thank you Andres for taking the time to do the interview, and we look forward to your upcoming visit!

Hasta Pronto!



Vancouver, Canada 23rd Sept 2015


Martina’s baptism with El Londro (left), David Palomar (middle), Javier Patino (right)


Summer 2015, Andres, Martina, and Pilar


Sydney/Perth…7 days till Early Bird Date finishes! (24th Sept) :)

17 Sep

tumblr_inline_noqrempkOU1st7gnn_500Hola Flamenc@s

Just 7 days till the 24th of September for Perth and Sydney workshop goers to take advantage of the early bird discount!

While Andres is currently in Canada performing/teaching @ the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival, please dont hesitate to contact us!

Jessica Statham/SYDNEY ( and Farida/PERTH ( will answer any questions you have about times, dates, palos, studio locations etc!

Ah and don’t forget Sally Hillier from el El Agua will be in Sydney and Adelaide to showcase her beautifully designed flamenco wear!

Please note Adelaide’s’ Early Bird date is 5th October!

Hasta Pronto!


wall_big_pe_a afg_img_rsz

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