In his own words…Andrés Peña

22 Oct

Photo by Fabio Trippa Gufo

Hola my Flamencos!!!

I’m here in my home in Jerez with my daughter Martina and Pilar, and now that the jet lag is wearing off, and I’m finally regrouping from the long trip, I can now, with great joy, take a break to write these words.

This is my third workshop tour of your country with the direction of Sebastian Sanchez. He, along with Sharon Tickle, were the ones who invested in my baile and my classes to take me into your hearts.And for that I’d like to say to the two, that they have made my dreams come true of returning to Australia after so many years of absence.


Photo by Stuart Cohen

To my Sebastian, I have to thank him for being the person that he is, his passion and good organization. I missed you on this tour. Everything turned out well, but when I turned to my side…you weren’t there with your scruffy hair and your peculiar way of translating!!!

Also Farida, Roshanne, and Jessica, 3 dancers in love with flamenco and beautiful people who have shown and demonstrated to me with their commitment and devotion to the flamenco communities in each city. They have my admiration and respect.

I can’t forget Simone who was present in my first tour and she has demonstrated to me her passion for flamenco and the want for her students to see truth.

When I look back, I see and feel all the emotions that have left a mark on my soul, I feel so proud of each and every student that has come through my classes in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

I think that apart from the satisfaction that you give to me as a teacher is that you make me a better person….and I am sincerely thankful. It’s so beautiful what you have given me and I feel so fortunate.

I am convinced and I know that destiny will bring us back together again. I am happy to have this sensation for a long time now.

I needed to tell you all this and if I forgot to mention more names please forgive me!

I send everyone a big heartfelt hug to you all and especially to you Sebastian, oh my god!!!!

Thank you Australia!

Andrés Peña


Photo by Fabio Trippa Gufo


Photo by Fabio Trippa Gufo


Photo by Stuart Cohen


Photo by Stuart Cohen


Photo by Stuart Cohen


Photo by Stuart Cohen

More Photos by Stuart Cohen

More Photos by Fabio Trippa Gufo (Fabiography)


2 Responses to “In his own words…Andrés Peña”

  1. Andrea October 23, 2015 at 1:55 am #

    OMG Andres! We are so fortunate to have you in our flamenco lives.. your amazing choreography, technique, and incredible warmth as a human being and a Maestro..Thank you for challenging us, seeing our weaknesses, and inspiring us to improve.A big hug to you ,Pilar & Martina, and please come back ,we love you! Andrea Xx

  2. Rachel October 31, 2015 at 9:02 pm #

    Sir, can you come to Melbourne next time, please?

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