Gracias Sydney…and that’s a Wrap!

21 Oct
Hola Flamenc@s!
AjOEBoexQ9izXZQmOHd817Nuem9aUld2qZzhZDptwnzMHere in Moscow things are cooling down here to sub zero levels, but i have been really feeling the warmth seeing the updates on Andres’s travels. It’s been fantastic to read the comments and see the photos that everybody has left on social media regarding Andres’s last stop on his national tour in Sydney. I’m super glad to see how people have responded and to read how inspired they are and the look of bliss on their faces..I so wish I was there!
Andres has safely arrived in Jerez and he has personally asked me to thank all the students who came, the people you came to observe, the helpers in the various cities and the organizers (Jessica, Farida and Me) for making the tour another great experience for him.And he really hopes that in his next tour (who knows ;))
Before we get into the Sydney leg…just wanted to say that this time remotely organising things over long distance hasnt been easy but it’s been a lot easier with  Farida (Perth), my co hosts and helpers in Adelaide (Emma Susi and Rosh) and Jessica (Sydney)…super thankful guys!
But 3 tours so far and again we tried our hardest to successfully bring the Australian Flamenco Community a major flamenco artist like Andres who has consistently given top quality workshops. Andres has really lifted the level in Australia and has added extra wisdom whether it was through his approach to listening to cante and baile, his authentic choreography, his relaxed teaching style and his all famous Buleria’s classes….which have really lifted the veil of uncertainty on the improvised “pataita” for a lot of students in Australia from beginners to the experienced professionals.
That’s all for me for now! Thank you again and again!
Now about the Sydney leg! Take it away!
Jessica Statham says
What an awesome week of workshops with Andres Peña and a fantastic way to finish off his Australian tour this 2015-10-18 13.04.55year!! Firstly a huge thank you to co-organisers Sebastian Sanchez and Farida Rabih, I hope all who attended in Adelaide and Perth had as great a time as we did here in Sydney. Next a massive thank you to mi Chachy!! Without your support it wouldn’t be possible for me to put this on, te agradezco y te quiero mujer!!! Also to Damian Wright and Kieran Sawyer for playing for the workshops, you guys rock! Can’t forget Lisa Jane Baker and Shar Mitchell from Dance Central Sydney for letting us hold it at their studios and being so amazingly supportive (special thanks again to you Lisa, you know why…)  & last but in no way least a massive thank you and ole to everyone who came along for bringing so much energy and working so hard to make it such a success!! Andres left Australia on such a high note and it’s all because of you. Until next year!!
Emma Somyden Davey also says:
2015-10-18 13.04.55Andres Pena, the bulerias-whisperer!! It’s a palo that I’ve never enjoyed because it always felt like a cultural door, firmly closed. He’s opened my ears and my heart to it and for the first time EVER I bloody loved smashing out a solo in the fiesta circle.  I’ve had a mental block with it for years and it’s his teaching – patient and challenging by turn, and in all the right places – that really unlocked something for me.  The tangos was a cheeky sweatfest of my favourite kind, of course. And kudos to the gutsy chicas who did the Siguiryas with the pro gals… Chachy and Jess, you are badass and beautiful and that choreo and your individual expression of it brought me to tears, as did Andres’ cante. THANK YOU to the organisers. Up there with Maria as one of the best teachers to have come to us. Bring him back soon.
12095024_10153565223735465_2330311066648015149_oAiQ8Vmy2WNYEgBswqcoY49CRnkdsdIoer4a4xNaXeKeL 2015-10-18 17.41.44

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