Mil Gracias Perth!…Next Stop Adelaide!

11 Oct


Hola Flamenc@s

It was the last days in Perth and Farida had some beautiful words to share! Farida says:

Today and yesterday have flown by in a most delightful way. Once again Andres has created a wonderful learning environment in which we can feel as relaxed as is possible when taking in such a lot of information within such a short period of time.

Thanks Sebastian Sanchez and Jessica Statham for enabling 12113369_10153742593780152_6868763849580754362_othis visit to happen. Thank you to all of the Perth students who participated and made Andres feel welcome and appreciated.

YOU are the reason we are able to hold these workshops in the first place and it makes me so happy to see how much you value these exceptional artists. Although one never takes it for granted, we are growing accustomed to “Spain coming to us”, which is encouraging us to practice more, learn more and explore the capabilities that we have within, both in a physical sense and in the form of self-expression.

Señor Peña, your efforts to help us understand the music, empower ourselves with improved technique and strive to dance freely with the tools that we each have, has enriched our lives. Much love from your Perth People. 

Renee Claire Firman also says

I have just gotten off the Peña roller coaster, and what an amazing ride! With all the twists and turns you never know where the choreography will take you – but there are only ever nice surprises with Andres! Always demanding your best, Andres gets you truly dancing from the get go. He lifts the class in such a way so that you don’t just do the steps but that you truly feel “it”! Muchas gracias maestro, Perth will miss you!

Thats all for now guys….NEXT STOP ADELAIDE!

bev guida miyuki ValIMG_1085[1]


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