Feeling lucky…Day 2 in Perth

10 Oct

image Day Two has been and gone and I really sense that everyone is getting into the flow: students in the Bulerias class are tuning into el cante and starting to have fun with it.

Tientos ladies are rising to the challenge of this full body workout & as always Andres’s singing & coaching is encouraging dynamism & total emotional engagement.

And lastly La Farruca – ah! Strong lines, sharp movements and a rhythmic feast of explosive footwork. We are loving every second and whatever may be challenging us at any given moment, our maestro urges us to be patient, to persevere & relax into the movement, so that we can enable our bodies to execute the steps musically.

I don’t think I’m alone in feeling extremely lucky.image

Apologies for the lack of photographic proof of all of this activity. I’ve been so immersed in the work that I haven’t been able to tear myself away, but today will be a veritable photo- fest!

Heres a few words from Guida Pereira

Day 2 with Andres Peña at Casa del Compas Farida Rabih…Bulerias de Jerez….still trying to hear “that precise moment ” for entradas..Llamadas y recorrer” ..but we are all getting better and better. I believe this class is a must do or watch ($10.00 per entry to watch..no bookings required) Andres wonderful teaching skilks and endless understanding of his students…(mi gente as he calls us) is simply amazing. Hasta pronto Maestro.


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